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At Mixxidea, we envision gardens where creativity flows freely. Our name embodies our commitment to infuse fresh ideas into your garden, making it a hub of inspiration. 

We’re here to be your trusted companion, helping you create joyful backyard living experiences filled with sustainability, community, and endless possibilities.

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Add vertical interest to your garden with our stylish and sturdy trellises. Perfect for supporting climbing plants like roses, jasmine, and ivy, our trellises come in a variety of designs to suit any aesthetic. Whether you're creating a cozy corner retreat or a vibrant floral display, our trellises will help your garden reach new heights.

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how to feed a baby bird
Feeding a baby bird can be a delicate task, requiring care, attention, and knowledge. Whether you've found an abandoned nestling or a fledgling fallen from its nest, providing proper nourishment is crucial for their survival. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about feeding baby birds, emphasizing safety, nutrition, and best practices. Plus, we'll delve into the importance of using the right bird feed to ensure their healthy growth and development.
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Welcome to our world of feathers and fur!

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Discover avian wonders and squirrel sagas with our insightful articles, fun stories, and tips for attracting more of them to your garden.

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All our products are covered by a 12-month warranty. Contact us with any issues (, and we'll assist you promptly.

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Yes, we do! Each product comes with detailed instructions for easy setup and installation.

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 Typically, the shipping will be delivered within 5-7 business days.
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We offer a hassle-free return policy within 30 days of purchase. Check our Return Policy page for more details.
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Our Happy Customers

" Great feeder for a beginner, it attracts a wide variety of birds! Good introduction to bird feeding/watching. "

Rachel Rollman

" This is exactly what I was looking for! It keeps my hanging plants out away from the window and I love that I can tuck it away if needed. I only screwed in one side of them because of the studs I have in my mobile home, but it is very secure. Definitely not going anywhere with my plants hanging from them! I plan to buy another set soon for my other two windows that I need to hang plants in front of. "


"Birds recommend! The product is sturdy enough for birds to perch, and allows rain to drain through without washing out seeds. I've just ordered another pair."


" This was an anniversary gift for my husband. 17years is “furniture” and thought this would be super cute. We have a bunch of squirrels who love the bird food. Why not give them a picnic table of their own! He has been taking photographs of them for a week! 100% recommend! "

Jenn B.

"I was looking for sturdy feeders that I could put on the ground or a flat surface, including larger peanuts and sunflower seeds, different from what I put in my hanging bird feeders. These are exactly what I was looking for. They are sturdy and just the right size.The birds and squirrels adapted to them immediately. There's no assembly, just pull from the box and fill. The price was very reasonable also."


" We had to take our plants in for the winter and needed new hanging hooks. These were the perfect choice as they're classy, gorgeous, and they swivel! Which makes adjusting the plants a breeze!! The swivel allows us to move the plants in and out of the sunlight as needed! Update: I've purchased a 3rd hook for my bird feeder. It's perfect for pulling in to refill the feeder and push back out so the bird poo doesn't land on my balcony "