Just what I was looking for

I was looking for sturdy feeders that I could put on the ground or a flat surface, including larger peanuts and sunflower seeds, different from what I put in my hanging bird feeders. These are exactly what I was looking for. The birds and squirrels adapted to them immediately.


Wonderful feeder for my bunnies and my old senior chicken

This feeder is sturdy and very attractive and all the super small stuff will fall through the feeder on the ground... I ordered a Buch of them and get many compliments on them, they are wonderful and the perfect size too !


Popular with cardinals and other birds

These ground platform feeders are great! I have them on my deck, under a table to protect the seed from rain and snow. Many birds are eating from them, but the beautiful cardinals are choosing these now as their main place to eat!


Birds recommend!

The product is sturdy enough for birds to perch, and allows rain to drain through without washing out seeds. I've just ordered another pair.


Cat approves!

I bought this bird feeder so my cat could enjoy watching the birds all day. Everyone is happy.


Birds live this and so easy to refill, holds up to rainy weather!

Bought for my father in law who likes to sit on porch and watch the birds, he loves it !!!

Sally G.


I have never seen so many birds having a dinner party at once. Each rod is constantly covered in birds. It's magnificent. We got a second one to accommodate all of the birds!

Lindsay G

Very nice looking bird feeder

Bought this for my mother for Christmas, she loves it and so does the cat. Seems nice and durable with metal perches and feeder holes. Definitely for smaller birds, I don't think something like a bluejay would be able to land on the perch to feed.


Squirrels can't destroy this!!

The Squirrels may get a little to eat out of these but cannot chew it to pieces like the previous ones I had there. These have metal pieces, not plastic. I recommend these!

Aiden Potts

3ft from feeder!

It took the hummingbirds about a month to utilize the swing. Distance from feeder matters. Cute and affordable addition to patio.

Reagan P.

This product is for the birds

Sturdy. Have had several rains, not water intrusion so far.

Lente Loquito


Absolutely love this! Seems to be sturdy and the qaulity is good.



My mama squirrel absolutely loves her new picnic table. We setup on our second floor porch that way she is safe from the other critters in the neighborhood. My kids and my cat enjoy watching her. I highly recommend this especially if you have little ones who enjoy nature.

Michelle Pare

Too much fun!!!

Easy to assemble and put up. One screw was bad and I needed to replace it. Also popular with blue jays and magpies. Remove the umbrella if it is windy.

F. W. Cox

Ralphie & Alice love their new feeder

This feeder gets plenty of use & Beans & Squishy enjoy watching their squirrel friends from the window. They love their little corn cobs & I also got the squirrel food with it. The umbrella is not on there because when I first got it I was so excited I didn’t read directions & put it together wrong. They love their feeder & that’s all that matters.

Wendy Lechner

Happy Squirrel’s. They love it.

I have many pet squirrels that come several times a day and eat at the picnic table. It’s such a great little table with some shade for the heat. I ended up adding a little dish of water with a string tied to it, so I can retrieve the dish when they knock it over and fill it back up.

Kevin Phillips

Very decorative without being stark against the background.

This pretty fencing was just what I needed to add height to my low stone wall so that neither of my small dogs can get out.I was unable to put it in the ground because of the stones but I put it in the ground where I could and anchored it where I could. The reason there are quite a few things along the bottom is because, not being able to put it in the ground, I had to block some open spaces, and did spray this fencing with three layers of a protection polyurethane/ lacquer.


Not the most stable, but pretty

It was very easy to put together and suits my needs just fine, and does look lovely.Two year update:It's held up well against the weather! It looks the same as it did when I first got it. My climbing roses are now much taller than the trellis. It absolutely needs to be leaning against a wall, it wouldn't have been able to remain upright under the roses if it was freestanding.

Olga S.

Super impressive spiral stakes

Super nice quality metal stakes. Easy to screw into the ground and have a clasp built right into the top. Comes with four straps and two mounting tools as well as a carrying storage bag. Super thick, solid and durable at a super good price.

Haley Fox Blog

Dogs are off my yard. YAY

I used heavy duty cable ties to keep tops together. I’m using them to keep dogs out of my yard. Somehow they thought it was a dog park.

Esperanza Murphy

Superior Quality

Being a woodworker, I must say this is crafted with top level products & is very well built. Love the fast that its large... an entire colony of bats can reside here. Waiting until spring to hang it in the perfect, sunny spot in my yard with only a few screws, easy! High hope's of reducing a large mosquito population we have! Love it!

gary/cheryl conklin



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